Composition beyond props drilling.

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In the previous article, we explored props drilling and how it can be used using composition in React.

Let’s assume I am a team member, and I discovered a card component that we would use everywhere in our application. Let us build it together.

Building a card component

Great! The card component does…

Before reaching for context or libraries, think about composition.

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React implements a unidirectional pattern for data flow for building components. The pattern itself is not unique to React but is followed strictly.

Unidirectional data flow simply means that data can only flow in one way alone.

Following the definition — and if experienced with React — you would have…

Software engineering is an ever-evolving industry with various challenges faced by engineers or programmers. One of such is writing scalable and maintainable code.

One of the approaches taken towards a maintainable codebase is the abstraction and reusability of code to prevent duplications everywhere in our code. …

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